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Artist Statement


You just never know what lies around the bend.  That statement is so true for me from so many angles.  After spending twenty years in corporate America, I’m  surprised  to find myself completely and utterly in love with my life as an artist.

Leaving behind a very structured and organized environment, I now wake up in the morning excited and anxious to explore this unbelievable wonderland at the Oregon Coast.  The rugged beauty of the land, the awesome and powerful Pacific Ocean, the sweetness of watching birds playing tag in the shore pines outside my window…these are the things that awaken my creative spirit and inspire me. Sometimes I find inspiration in the patterns left on the shore by the pull of the water, the cool designs in the sun-bleached skin of the driftwood, and the intricacies of a daisy or columbine bloom. 

My work can be described as still having a bit of that “corporate structure” but with much more wild abandon these days. 


Kathy Steele

December 6, 2011